1192 A.D was the year of Robin Hood's returned from the Holy Land after a year fighting. It had been one thousand, one-hundred and ninety-two years since Jesus Christ was born.


Seth - Guy of Gisborne and Annie's child.


Joderic - Assassinated by Joe Lacey in Nettlestone.

Matthew - Accidently shot by Joe Lacey.

Joe Lacey - Shot by Robin of Locksley and The Nightwatchman, then stabbed by Guy of Gisborne.

De Fourtnoy - Stabbed by Guy of Gisborne on the Sheriff's orders, to ensure silence about private affairs.

Royston White - Killed by the Nottingham Guards on the Sheriff's orders.

Rowan's father - Stabbed by Guy of Gisborne after striking from mining

Tom A Dale - Hanged upon the Sheriff's orders.

Eve - Executed for betraying the Sheriff of Nottingham

Pitts - Killed by Guy of Gisborne's Archers after demanding payment.

Walter of Merton - Killed by the Sheriff after being tricked into saying things against him.


Robin of Locksley and Much return from Acre, the Holy Land.

The hanging of Allan A Dale, Benedict Giddens, Will and Luke Scarlett, stopped by Robin Hood.

Dan and Luke Scarlett move to Scarborough.

Robin Hood, Much and Allan A Dale are kidnapped by Little John's Outlaws.

Little John and Royston White join Robin Hood's Merry Men

Robin Hood turns himself in for the Sheriff, but escapes.

Joe Lacey tries to Assassinate the Sheriff after his wife's death.

Robin Hood's gang find Seth in Sherwood Forest.

Royston White tries to kill Robin Hood to save his Mother, Mary.

Treeton Mine collaspes and Saracens are imported to mine in a dangerous place.

Djaq joins Robin Hood's Merry Men.

Flaxton, Cedric and a fake Abbess steal the Sheriff's Tax Collections

Lucky George visits Nottinghamshire, stealing money for the Sheriff.

Guy of Gisborne proposes and is betrothed to Marian of Knighton.

Robin Hood discovers Gisborne's Tattoo, the one he saw in the Holy Land.

Much is Made Earl of Bonchurch temporarily.

Robin Hood's Merry Men find Harold, a English troop who was based in Tripoli.

Prince Malik Come's to England, wanting peace between Christians and Muslim's

Little Little John, Alice Little and Luke Cooper leave Locksley and start again somewhere else.

Marian of Knighton is stabbed in the waist by Guy of Gisborne.

Pitts is found out by Robin Hood, but is taken to Marian, to help her.

The Sheriff loses a tooth, it is shot out by Robin Hood.

Marian of Knighton leaves Guy of Gisborne at the altar and punches him.

An Imposter of the King enters Nottinghamshire

Robin Hood saves Edward of Knighton and escapes Nottingham Castle

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