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Abbot of Kirklees
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Behind the scenes
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"Lost in Translation"


David Hayman

The Abbot of Kirklees has spent ten years secretly translating the Bible into English, which is against the decree of the Pope. The sheriff of Nottingham steals the translation in order to blackmail the abbot into helping him turn the people against Robin Hood. At first, the Abbot gives in to him and does what the Sheriff demands. When Brother Tuck is captured, the Abbott visits him and explains his rationale for helping the sheriff. Tuck urges him to stop telling the people that Robin is a possessed murderer, but the Abbott says he can't give up his work. But when Robin's outlaws are about to be burned alive, the Abbot tells the truth in order to save them, and his years of work are consequently destroyed. The abbott then goes to France to begin his translation anew.

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