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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1)"

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"Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)"


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Fraser James

Blamire was a man who pretended to be working for Isabella but actually worked for Vaisey, previous Sheriff of Nottingham. He was classed as one of "the important few" in the battle between Isabella, Vaisey and himself against Robin Hood, Archer and Gisbourne and was later presumed dead when the castle was destroyed.

Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1) Edit

In the first part of Something Worth Fighting For (Part 1) Blamire is present when Isabella's men are trying to steal men from Locksley for Prince John's militia. However, Robin Hood and his gang of outlaws stop Blamire and his men. When Archer shows up at Nottingham Castle to propose a deal to Isabella, Blamire is annoyed, as many of his men were injured when Robin Hood and Guy of Gisbourne freed him from jail in York.

Blamire is the one who reads the announcement that Allan A Dale is pardoned, leading to Allan's death.

When Tuck inspires the men freed from Locksley to sit in silence at the gates of Nottingham Castle to stop a supply cart, Blamire tries to make his men slaughter them. When Kate, a member of Robin Hood's gang, tests one of the soldier's endurance, he prepares to kill her. However, Archer stops him and a fight breaks out at the gates. Blamire retreats as his men are defeated.

After Isabella is attacked by Kate, Blamire confronts Isabella and tells her to "deliver Gisbourne to the tunnel," something which will come into play in the battle to come. Blamire then promptly abandons Isabella and goes to join Vaisey, previous Sheriff of Nottingham who was thought to be dead by Gisbourne's hand. The previous Sheriff has an army, and he is ready to take back Nottingham, his town. As Blamire joins Vaisey and his army, who have surrounded the castle, outside, the old Sheriff says, " oh, this will be so much fun."

Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2) Edit

Blamire is shouting orders and preparing Vaisey's army as Robin and Gisbourne ride out to meet Vaisey. Vaisey wants his town back and tells Robin that if he gives Gisbourne up and releases Isabella he may spare the bloodshed. Blamire then shows Hood the power of their army by ordering the firing of a catapult which has the power of Byzantine fire in it, causing a small explosion in the town as it lands.

Vaisey tells them they have until dawn as the two ride back.

Robin Hood and his men sabotage Vaisey's camp at night, causing the Byzantine to backfire and destroy some of Vaisey's catapults. Blamire then orders the army to storm the gates and attack the castle. As the castle is attacked, Blamire and Vaisey reveal that King Richard is being held hostage and so the King will not be returning to help them. Also, they have Kate hostage, who is promptly rescued by Robin and the others moments later.

Vaisey sends his men to the secret tunnel that leads inside the castle and blows the doors open with Byzantine fire. When Isabella leads Gisbourne to the tunnel like she was told to by Blamire previously, Vaisey and Gisbourne fight. Soon after, Robin and Archer arrive and Vaisey's soldiers are killed. "The important few" which consists of Isabella, Vaisey and Blamire on one side and Robin, Gisbourne and Archer on the other then fight, leading to Gisbourne's death and the knocking out of Blamire, as well as the poisoning of Robin Hood by Isabella, an event which later leads to his death.

Blamire then wakes up and follows some soldiers into the castle, where he is killed along with Isabella and Vaisey when Robin Hood fires a flaming arrow into the stores of Byzantine fire which obliterates the castle completely.


Blamire was proficient at swordsmanship, able to hold his own against several experienced opponents. He had an agile fighting style and appeared to be a nimble and skillful warrior. he was also able to hold out against Guy of Gisborne.

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