Council of Nobles
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Edward of Knighton


Vaisey of Nottingham

Notable members

Nottingham Castle


Knighton Hall

Other information
Behind the scenes

The Council of Nobles is a meeting with Nobles from all over Nottinghamshire. They each discuss appropriate matters and issues in their towns or villages, like taxing, shortage of food or drought. The Council is at it's height in 1192, when the Sheriff of Nottingham believes he could turn the nobles to the Ayyubid dynasty, Saladin's organization for trying to kill King Richard I of England. However, later that year, Vaisey lost trust of the current Councilors. The devious Sheriff hired a Richard I imposter, who would later 'arrest' the Sheriff and have the Councilors walk to their fate, deciding whether to plead against Vaisey or not. Walter of Merton decided to make a claim against Vaisey, but he later discovered the man taking his complaint was infact the Sheriff. The Sheriff killed Walter immediately, and was to wait for the next stupid Noble to plea against him. He didn't realise though, it was Robin Hood, whom repeated his reoccuring saying: A Clue: No! Vaisey had already known, although not a lot, that some Councilors where scheming against him. So he placed the Knightons under house arrest, and remade the Council, alongside his bigger council; the Black Knights.