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Ethnic group


Eye colour


Hair colour



Stable boy


Robin Hood

Weapon(s) owned
  • Bow
  • Slingshot
Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Child Hood"

Last appearance

"Child Hood"


Adam J. Brown

Daniel is a young boy who was Marian's stable boy at Knighton Hall and who likes to play "Robin Hood" with his friends in Sherwood Forest. He is the one who gets to play as Robin. When the boys watch Guy of Gisborne and his men testing a new armour and killing a man, they are chased by them and finally all of Daniel's friends are captured. Hiding from them, he finally meets the real Robin Hood who promises to save his friends. He brings him to the Outlaws' Camp where Daniel recognizes everyone except for Much. When Robin introduces Much, Daniel remembers that he has heard of Much, the servant. Daniel also remarks that he thought Little John would be taller.

Later, they go into the forest where they find Mark's necklace. Daniel feels guilty because he let go of Mark's hand and his friends were captured, but Robin assures him that he did the right thing. The group finally finds Daniel's friends that are tied up in a barn in Locksley. In a fight, Daniel is able to help Robin by shooting Gisborne with a slingshot. The outlaws are able to save Daniel's friends but Daniel gets caught by Gisborne. Gisborne and the Sheriff are using him as a leverage because they know Robin will show up to rescue the boy. They announce that Robin has to give back the stolen stones or Daniel will die. The next day, Robin brings back the stones and the Sheriff releases Daniel to Marian. However, the stones were destroyed soon after his release after a fight between Robin and a fully-armoured Gisborne.

In the end, Daniel and his friends celebrate with the outlaws and become honorary members of Robin's gang. All of them receive a necklace from Robin.

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