Edward of Knighton
Biographical information


Ethnic group


Hair colour







Kate (wife) †
Marian (daughter) †
Robin Hood (son-in-law) †


Knighton Hall (formerly)
Nottingham Castle (formerly)


Former: Sheriff of Nottingham

  • Sir
  • Lord
Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Will You Tolerate This?"

Last appearance

"Show Me the Money"


Death (Killed by Canon of Birkley)

Episode count



Michael Elwyn

Edward of Knighton, portrayed by Michael Elwyn, is the former Sheriff of Nottingham and the father of Lady Marian. His wife, Kate, is deceased. He is a good friend of Robin Hood and a loyal supporter of King Richard, but is often too fearful of retaliation from the current sheriff of Nottingham, a follower of Prince John, to take action against his tyranny. He firmly disapproves of Marian's role as the vigilante Night Watchman. In the episode "A Clue: No", he is part of a plot to stop the sheriff from killing King Richard, but when it all turns out to be a hoax by the sheriff he is nearly killed. In the second season, he is put under house arrest in Nottingham Castle and is later imprisoned as a punishment for Marian, after she "incidentally" saved Robin Hood's life by convincing the sheriff not to let him kill Guy of Gisborne. Visiting her father in his cell, Marian cries out in frustration that he is "weak" and she is ashamed of him. Grieved and motivated by her words, Edward steals the dagger she uses as a hair ornament, kills a guard, escapes from prison, sneaks into the sheriff's room and steals the pact of the Black Knights. He meets Robin in the process of escape, but is killed by Canon of Birkley. Guy stumbles upon him moments later, and a sobbing Marian rushes to his side. Robin later delivers Edward's last words to her: "It's good to dream", refuting an earlier statement where Edward had said she and Robin were foolish "dreamers". Thus Marian was a little bit comforted, knowing that he had forgiven her and thought well of her before he died.


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