Biographical information


Hair colour

Grey (balding)



Behind the scenes
First appearance

"A Good Day to Die"

Last appearance

"A Good Day to Die"


Paul Usher

Ellingham is the leader of Sheriff Vaisey's mercenaries.

Ellingham was responsible for laying siege to Nettlestone barn when Much organised a surprise party in honour of Robin Hood's birthday, only for the outlaws to be betrayed by the people of Nettlestone. Ellingham's forces were warded off by Djaq's usage of black powder, which she placed inside the head of a dead pig that the outlaws were roasting for food. However, Ellingham taunted Robin and the outlaws, chanting 'are we going to kill them?' repeatedly, creating a rift between a frustrated Much and Little John. Eventually, the outlaws left the barn in a suicidal escape attempt, and were (with the help of Allan, who returned to the band after having betrayed them earlier) able to successfully evade Ellingham's mercenaries, consequently travelling to the Holy Land in order to prevent the assassination of Richard the Lionheart.

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