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"A Thing or Two About Loyalty"


Kelly Adams

Eve is a servant in the earldom of Bonchurch in Nottinghamshire, appearing in the episode "A Thing or Two About Loyalty". Originally she is a spy for the sheriff, meant to distract Much, who is temporarily the earl, and pry Robin Hood's secrets from him. As planned, Much begins to fall in love with her; not according to the plan, Eve (impressed by Much's compassion and gentlemanliness towards her) begins to love him in return. She ultimately betrays her employer, giving the sheriff false information after overhearing Marian's suspicions that she is a spy. She takes the initiative to admit her former allegiances to Much, who forgives her upon proof that her loyalties have changed for the better. Though Much eventually loses his earldom, he and Eve share a kiss and he promises to return for her when there is justice again. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Much, her betrayal is discovered by the sheriff. Her fate is unknown, but her execution was implied; she makes no reappearance in the series.

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