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"Cause and Effect"

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"Cause and Effect"


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William Houston

Finn MacMurrough is an Irishman to whom the sheriff of Nottingham is selling his own villagers in order to raise money for a tax he owes Prince John. Finn wants to draft the villagers into an army he plans to use to free Ireland; he and his brother Tiernan have aspirations to rule Ireland themselves. He succeeds in capturing the men of Locksley, but when a riot breaks out amidst the villagers (who were incited by a disguised Robin Hood) and one of them is killed, Tiernan begins to show doubt about Finn's goal of crafting this "rabble" into an army. Finn visits Robin (who had been captured in the riot, thanks to Kate and Sir Guy) in the sheriff's dungeons and tries to recruit him, to no avail; Robin secretly slips the key to his chains off Finn's belt.

After a heated argument in which Finn accuses Tiernan of having "lost his fire", Tiernan sells Finn out to the sheriff, and Finn is promptly imprisoned with Robin Hood. He confesses that his plan to enslave the villagers was wrong, and apologizes to Robin. Robin says, "Perhaps we can be allies," and slips off his chain, revealing the key he'd stolen earlier. He concocts an escape route through the wall of the prison, and a skeptical Finn follows him down just in time to escape Guy of Gisborne, who is entering their cell to question Robin. They climb up the outer wall of Nottingham Castle using Robin's chains, and parachute off the battlements to where Robin's band waits below, using a pavilion erected on the corner of the wall. Finn helps the band fight off the castle guards and rescue the Locksley villagers from Tiernan. Before returning to Ireland, he tells Robin he has seen that a few men fighting with passion are worth more than a whole army of slaves, and that once he's become king of Ireland, all the Merry Men will be welcome in his court.

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