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"Peace? Off!"

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"Peace? Off!"


Rhys Meredith

Harold is a man the outlaws discover in Sherwood Forest. He was a soldier in the Holy Land driven mad by Saracen torture, and was utterly terrified of Djaq. The empathetic Much took him under his wing and tried to nurse him back to sanity, telling him that he and Robin had seen horrible things too, but they had survived. Harold reveals that he had not only seen those things; he had done them. He lifts his shirt to reveal eerie tattoos that Djaq recognizes. Harold had been a puppet of the Saracens, doing atrocities to his own people. Much encourages him that he can fight for the good side, too, and he helps the gang and eventually earns the rest of their trust. His recovery was largely aided by the ministerings of Prince Malik, a Saracen with a knowledge of acupuncture.

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