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Joe Lacey
Biographical information


Ethnic group



Ruth (wife) †


Castle guard

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Who Shot The Sheriff?"


Killed by Guy of Gisborne


Thomas Lockyer

Joe Lacey works as a castle guard in Nottingham Castle. He was married to a woman called Ruth who was dying. The Sheriff sent the tax collector Joderic and he put them out because they hadn't paid their taxes and Ruth died on the street. Joe wants revenge and kills Joderic and tries to kill the Sheriff. He accidently kills Matthew, a boy from Nettlestone, when the sheriff moves. He later tries again to kill the sheriff and actually fires the arrow; at the same time he himself is shot in the arm by Robin and Marian. It turns out he hasn't shot the sheriff but the sheriff's deputy and lookalike. Joe is killed by Guy of Gisborne on the sheriff's orders.


He is the only guard with a known name.

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