King Richard
King Richard
Biographical information


Ethnic group


Hair colour



September 8, 1157
Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England


King Henry (father)†
Queen Eleanor (mother)
Prince John (younger brother)


Oxford, England


Austria (imprisoned)

  • King of England
  • Duke of Normandy (as Richard IV)
  • Duke of Aquitaine
  • Duke of Gascony
  • Lord of Cyprus
  • Count of Poitiers
  • Count of Anjou
  • Count of Maine
  • Count of Nantes
  • Overlord of Brittany
  • Founder and leader of the King's Private Guard
  • The King
  • His Majesty
  • Sire
  • A Duke
  • A Lord
  • A Count
  • A Overlord

King Richard
The Lionheart
The King

Weapon(s) owned
  • Sword
  • Shield
Behind the scenes
First appearance

"We Are Robin Hood!"

Latest appearance

"We Are Robin Hood!"


Captured by Leopold of Austria on his return home from the crusades

Episode count



Steven Waddington

King Richard, (also known as Richard the Lionheart), is the rightful King of England, who left for the Third Crusade in The Holy Land, in 1187. He is the eldest son of King Henry and Queen Eleanor, and the elder-brother of Prince John. The King is currently being held prisoner in Austria.


Though frequently mentioned as an off-screen character (Sheriff Vaisey and Guy of Gisborne wanted to murder him, Robin Hood and Much served under him prior to the events of the series, and the gang fights in his name), andorne to the Holy Land to warn the king of a plot against his life, Vaisey uses a Saracen messenger to trick Richard into believing Robin is disloyal to him and has actually come to assassinate him. Richard leaves the gang tied up in the desert to die, saying that he cannot bring himself to kill Robin himself but will "let the desert decide". After the gang is rescued by Carter, Richard agrees to let Robin take his place in a supposed parlay with the Saracen prince. The "prince" turns out to be a decoy sent to kill the king. In the ensuing battle, Vaisey shot King Richard in the back, but Marian's interference stoped Gisborne from finishing the job. Richard gave the band his thanks, promised them rewards, and sent them back to England as his "representatives", to do good deeds in his name until he could make peace in the Holy Land and return to England himself.

In "The King is Dead, Long Live the King...", Prince John lied about his brother being dead so he could become King, and made a realistic waxwork that looked like Richard. However, when Robin was able to prove Richard was still alive at John's coronation, he didn't become King.

In "Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)", when the sheriff attacked Nottingham Castle, he told Robin and his men that King Richard was on his way home to England from the Holy Land, until he was captured by Leopold of Austria. Richard is being held prisoner for a ransom of £250,000.



Richard was seen to be brave, selfless, just, fair-minded and very honorable. He was supportive and rewarding of Robin's abilities as a warrior and his patriotism as a fellow Englishman, and was aware of his brother, Prince John's trickery. He wasn't completely resilient as he was fooled by the Sheriff's scheme at the final phase, but he showed honor towards Robin despite the losses he'd suffered.

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