The King's Private Guard
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King Richard


King Richard

Notable members
  • Acre (formerly)
  • Austria (imprisoned)
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Episode 1.08

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Episode 3.08


Captured by Leopold of Austria on their return home from the crusades.

The King's Private Guard was a regiment in the English army in the Third Crusade, fighting for both King Richard the Lionheart and England. In 1191, whilst the King's Private Guard was in Acre, The King's tent became under attack. Robin Hood and his manservant Much, helped save the King and marked the man who tried to kill him, with a single cut over his tattoo. Later, when the Guard was still in Acre, a man named Thomas, brother of Carter, a supposed war hero charged into battle to be killed, by not following orders. He was apparently 'A Hero, but not on that day.' And when he was dying, cradled in Robin's arms he said 'he was laughing on the wrong side of his face.' Legrand was also a member of the Private Guard, a very strong man, always in competition with Little John when he was in England. It turned out that the two of them were stronger together than they could ever be apart.

King RichardEdit

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Robin HoodEdit

Robin Hood was a very important man in King Richard's Private Guard. Even after being stabbed in the chest he continued to save the King by marking a Saracen assassin, who later, Hood found out was Guy of Gisborne. Hood after he was stabbed was sent back to his home Locksley Manor, to find out trustworthy Edward of Nottingham was no longer Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and that Richard's Brother, Prince John and the Black Knights were trying to overthrow Richard and take his place as King, however Robin was able to warn the King by attaching a message to Lardner, a homing pigeon. He then fought alongside Richard again, and Thomas's brother, who once tried to assassinate Robin, Carter. Robin was then saved by the King, before he was shot in the back and saved by Robin's gang member, Saffia, who took the name of her dead brother, Djaq.


Manservant and loyal friend to Robin Hood, Much was a member of the King's Private guard. In 1191, when the King's tent was under attack, Much went to get help around the camp. They eventually drove the Saracen attackers out of the camp, however when he discovered Robin was injured, he came home with him, saying 'we're a team.' Out in Acre.


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