King Richard impostor
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"A Clue: No"

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"A Clue: No"


Lukács Bicskey

In the episode "A Clue: No", Sheriff Vaisey hires an unknown man to act as an impostor of King Richard, just returning from the Holy Land. He stages a mock trial of himself via the impostor, planning to use it to see which of his nobles were loyal to him and which were loyal to Richard. The gang (except for Robin, who is planning to leave Locksley because his love Lady Marian is being forced to marry Guy of Gisborne) goes to the castle in disguise to see the king. This plot is just barely stopped when Much, on his way to break up Marian and Gisborne's wedding, meets the "king" on his way to Nottingham. When the false Richard doesn't recognize him, Much realizes he's not really the king, and warns Robin just in time. Robin takes the place of Marian's father, who is about to be killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham, and traps the Sheriff in a back room of the castle while Much alerts the rest of the gang and they fight off the impostor and the guards.

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