Malcolm of Locksley
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Robin Hood (son) †
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"Bad Blood"

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"Bad Blood"

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Dean Lennox Kelly

Malcolm of Locksley, portrayed by Dean Lennox Kelly, is the father of Robin Hood and Archer. It is revealed in "Bad Blood" that Archer is an illegitimate son produced by an affair with Guy of Gisborne's mother Ghislaine many years prior to the series. Malcolm was thought dead in a fire after Ghislaine's husband Roger caught them together, but it is revealed that he escaped the fire and had been searching for his other son for years for Ghislaine. He sought out Robin and Gisborne to get them to rally together and rescue their half-brother because Malcolm was too sick and dying to do it himself.

Before the fire took effect, and he caught Roger of Gisborne together with Ghislaine, the two men argued and the argument became a fight. Malcolm won, but inadvertently killed Ghislaine in the process. He managed to escape whilst Roger spent his last moments, willingly, with his wife. The two died and Malcolm escaped. Despite that both Robin and Guy harbor anger and bitterness towards Malcolm because of the affair, it is largely Malcolm who helps the two reconcile their differences. He later dies for real presumably before Robin and Gisborne awake from being put to sleep by Malcolm's darts.


Malcolm of Locksley was selfless, secretive and kind-hearted. He was brave and intelligent, and showed incredible compassion towards Roger of Gisborne despite the latter being a leper. He wasn't sadistic, selfish or cruel and showed sheer humanity towards all others. He did, however, show an intense disagreement to arrogance or bullying, and showed frequently that his heart was with the people.


Malcolm was shown to be one of the finest swordsmen in the Robin Hood series, and carried with him a sword at all times. He was able to overpower the exceptionally capable Roger of Gisborne, a probably seasoned swordsman who fought in the Holy Land, and successfully disarmed him.