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"Child Hood"

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"Child Hood"


Adam Parkinson

Mark is a young boy who likes to play "Robin Hood" with his friends in the forest. He argues with Daniel because both of them want to be Robin and Mark remarks that Daniel would always be Robin. He takes the bow from Daniel's hands and runs away, but soon falls down. The boys then watch Sir Guy of Gisborne and his men testing a new armour and killing a man. They are chased by the men and finally Mark and two other boys are caught, while Daniel is the only one who was able escape. The boys are tied up and questioned by Gisborne. Mark tells him that they were playing "Robin Hood". He makes the mistake to say that he and his friends didn't see anything. Gisborne keeps one of his men from killing the boys and orders to send them to work in the mines.

The boys are brought to the smith's barn where they are held captive. When the Sheriff notices them, he is not impressed that Gisborne showed compassion and makes clear that he wants the boys to die. Fortunately, the outlaws are able to save them in time, but Daniel gets caught. When the outlaws are planning Daniel's rescue, Mark makes fun of Much's cooking skills and thereby hurts his feelings.

The next day, Robin and Marian are able to save Daniel. Mark and his friends celebrate with the outlaws and become honorary members of Robin's gang. All of them receive a necklace from Robin.

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