Nottingham Castle
Owned by

King Richard

Occupied by

Former:Vaisey of Nottingham
Former:Isabella Thornton
Former:Guy of Gisborne
Former:Prince John

First seen

"Will You Tolerate This?"

Nottingham Castle was the castle of Nottingham Town and the residence of the Sheriff of Nottingham. In the beginning of the series, Sheriff Vaisey of Nottingham resided in the castle. However, when he was assumed to be dead after a fight with Guy of Gisborne in "Do You Love Me?", Isabella Thornton became the new Sheriff of Nottingham and stayed in the castle. It was the site of much political intrigue, dastardly schemes, deadly battles, and passionate and bewildering "DTR" moments. Vaisey regained ownership of the castle at the end of “Something Worth Fighting For (Part 2)”.

It was destroyed by Robin Hood when he blew it up causing the byzantine fire to explode.

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