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Episode 1.01

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Episode 3.13

The Nottingham Guards were the main force in Nottinghamshire. The are ordered by the Sheriff of Nottingham however they were commisioned and given main orders by Prince John, King Richard's evil brother. They are the pawns in the cause of Prince John and the Sheriff, both believing in the Ayyubid dynasty, who are ordered to capture innocent children and to cut out the tongues of peasants. Sir Guy of Gisborne was in control of twenty four men in a squad, however, being pawns they are helplessly knocked out all the time by Robin Hood's Outlaws. They were quite easy to dispose of, however, it didn't matter whether they were good fighters, a majority of the time there were too many of them. Robin Hood stuck to rules where he didn't kill unless absolutely necessary, so fighting armed guards was harder for him.


The Guards are usually sent round to villages like Locksley, Clun and Nettlestone, where they ask for money that the peasants don't have. Also, when Allan A Dale was hunting one of the King's deer, he was said to have a finger cut off. They also starved villages like Clun, no food to go in, no people to go out. The guards were only under orders. Not all guards liked doing this though. Joe Lacey, a rebellious guard tried to assassinate the Sheriff, but failed; he killed the Sheriff's decoy. The reason most guards emerged victorious was because they outnumbered and circled the Outlaws. However one punch to a guard and it was out cold.

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