Parent Hood





28 October 2006

Written by

Mark Wadlow

Directed by

Richard Standeven

Produced by

Richard Burrell


Jonas Armstrong
Lucy Griffiths
Richard Armitage
Keith Allen
Gordon Kennedy
Sam Troughton
Joe Armstrong
Harry Lloyd
William Beck

Preceded by

"Who Shot The Sheriff?"

Followed by

"Turk Flu"

"Parent Hood" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Robin Hood.


The outlaws hear a baby crying in the forest. Allan attempts to comfort it by turning it upside down. Robin turns out to be the best with the baby. Unfortunately when he brings it to Marian, she is insufficiently charmed by the sight of him holding a baby to agree to look after it, or to make more.

The baby, Seth, turns out to be Gisborne's. Seth's mother is not impressed, and attempts to injure Gisborne. Ultimately it is only Roy that dies due to him holding a sticky bomb too long and having his whole torso blew apart ,enabling the outlaws to escape.


Cast NotesEdit

  • This episodes marks the final appearance of William Beck as Roy.

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