• London
  • Oxford


  • Nottingham Town
  • Sherwood Forest
    • Outlaws' Camp
    • Outlaws' Food Store
    • Gisborne's Camp
    • The Meadow
  • Road to Nottingham
  • The North Road
  • Graveyard near Nottingham


The Holy LandEdit

  • Acre
    • The Kings Camp
    • Port of Acre
  • The Sheriff's House
  • Road to Acre
  • Bassam's House
  • The Crusader's Frontier

Other LocationsEdit

  • Nettlestone Village
    • Nettlestone Stables
  • A Workshop in London
  • Matilda's Cottage
  • Clun Village
  • Paxton's House
  • Barnsdale Church
  • The Road to Portsmouth
    • The Portsmouth Road Inn
  • Near Portsmouth
  • Dead Man's Crossing
  • Coastal Road
  • Road to the Trent
  • The Trip Inn
  • Road to Hull
  • Knight's Glade

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