Robin Hood: Quest for the King is a 2008 British animated movie/episode was Robin faxing the king he made in from England at from a plan Robin Hood seen some arrows and he maded liked was in to trouble he was distroing a plan he made in some as to some as liked from as to rich and kind as to a job made as to been friendly as from a goodness day as to disguys with a goodness some as to his owner and liked in for his baddy The Sheriff of Nottingham.

  • Robin Hood: Quest for the King
  • Release date(s): January 15, 2008
  • Running time: 47 minutes


Voice CastEdit

Gary Martin - Prince John, The Friar Tuck
Jo Wyatt - Maid Marian
Adam Rhys Dee - Will Scarlet
Rob Rackstraw - King Leapold, The Badger, The Bird, The Pelican
Melanie Hudson - Fluffy
Simon Greenall - Robin Hood
Tim Bentinck - Little John, Sheriff of Nottingham, King Richard Gary Martin


  • "The Wimbledon Song"
  • "Robin Hood leaves to land to get's the sheriff to need him"

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