Lord Sheridan was the keeper of the Crown and the man who trained King Richard's men. Part of his duties, after he retired, was to look after King Richard's Crown. Lord Sheridan was a brilliant warrior, a master tactitian and an excellent actor, with a flair of vanity and honour put together.


Lord Sheridan was once a warrior in King Richard's army during the Crusades in the Holy Land, and was a brilliant soldiert in both Prince John's and King Richard's opinion. However, despite his abilities and his career in the army, the King retired him and entrusted him with the training of his men. He was responsible for many of the king's finest soldiers, including Robin Hood.

However, when he was retired, and too old to train his knights, the King entrusted him with the keeping of the crown. Lord Sheridan saw this as betrayal and, some time later, met with Prince John and schemed the falshood of Richard's death. He arranged teh waxwork of Richard to be built and for the coronation.

However, he was stopped by Robin, and the two confronted each other. An intense duel broke out, and Sheridan overpowered Robin in a dazzling display of brilliant swordsmanship. He attended the coronation, where he, in a cowardly fit, confessed his part in the conspiracy and was, after the skirmish in the church of Nottingham, incarcerated.


Sheridan was brave, proud and honourable with a flair of both courage and vanity. He was also a coward, confessing to the Archbishop about his part in Prince John's plan almost immediately after Robin Hood intervened. He was very manipulative, able to control vast amounts of Prince John's men into being under his command.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Sheridan was a master swordsman and a brilliant combatant, with the addition of both surprise when overpowering an opponent. He was regarded as a very powerful warrior by the King and by Robin Hood, whom he trained.

He was also a skilled leader, directing his men into battle during the massacre at Acre during the Crusades.

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