Sheriffs play an important role in Robin Hood. They were appointed by King Richard, later during his absence by Prince John, to look after a specific shire or county. The most notable sheriff in the TV series is Sheriff Vaisey, who governs Nottinghamshire as a tyrant under Prince John's authority and is among Robin Hood's greatest nemeses.

Sheriff of NottinghamEdit

There have been several Sheriffs of Nottingham throughout the series:

  • Edward of Knighton (4 years before season 1)
    • Edward was appointed by King Richard.
  • Vaisey (Season 1 - 3)
    • During King Richard's absence, Prince John gives out the Shires and Edward is replaced by Vaisey.
  • Guy of Gisborne ("Too Hot to Handle")
    • When Vaisey and Robin Hood are assumed to be dead, Guy is given the post of Sheriff as a reward for his part in killing both of them.
  • Isabella Thornton ("The King is Dead, Long Live the King..." -)
    • When Robin Hood is revealed to be alive less than an hour later, Guy is fired. Isabella saves John from an arrow and is appointed as the new Sheriff.
  • Squire Thornton ("A Dangerous Deal")
    • As Isabella's husband, Thornton declares himself Sheriff. However, he is killed by Isabella, who again takes over as Sheriff.

Other SheriffsEdit

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