An old friend of Will's father, Stephen features only in "The Booby and the Beast" as a minor character.


Stephen is an old friend of Will's father. Although currently living in England, he previously worked in many areas in the Orient, designing traps and safes, especially Persia. He became very famous for his work. It was there that he met his wife, who was presumably Persian in origin. He still has a box of hers which he keeps on the table in his cottage. Djaq remarks that it is of typically Persian style.

Will claims that Stephen was a "legend in his day".

Although he no longer works, he does teach, appearing in a mentor-like role to Will. Also possessed roughly seven apprentices which Guy of Gisbourne had killed after they completed the Sheriff's task of redesigning the Great Hall and the strong-room.

It is unknown when he lost his sight although it was probably some time before the episode took place. He is also well able to defend himself, easily tripping Allan up when he insulted him.

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