The Deer Hunters is an audiobook, written by Jonathan Clements, directed by John Ainsworth and narrated by Sam Troughton.


When Much sights a rare white Albino stag in an obscured Sherwood glade, further sightings inspires a manhunt for the white deer. With Prince John offering fifty pounds in gold or a royal pardon for any man to bring him the intact hide of the white stag, the forest is crawling with a platoon of deer hunters. With Allan and John diverting the course of the licensed poachers by dressing up as a decoy, Robin and Much try to find the deer themselves, whilst Prince John attempts to woo and charm Isabella with a white cape. However, her response to his offer, in addition to a further discovery by Robin and Much, may ensure that the white stag be never hunted for again.


  • Robin Hood
  • Tuck
  • Prince John
  • Isabella
  • Much
  • Little John
  • Allan-a-Dale
  • Kate

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