The Witchfinders is an audiobook, written by Rebecca Levene and narrated by Richard Armitage.


In an effort to secure the capture of Robin Hood, the Sheriff accuses the outlaw of witchcraft, and hires four of the most skilful witchfinders in England to do so. When Kate is accused of witchcraft and imprisoned, Robin realises that it is a trap, and is forced to decide between saving Kate and branding himself a heretic, or allowing an innocent woman to be burnt to death. Meanwhile, Gisborne has his own troubles. His dreams have been haunted by visions of Marian since he killed her, and now even his waking hours have been infiltrated by her image. Gisborne is determined to rid himself of his tormentor, but must do so careful enough so that the witchfinders do not become suspicious, for if they do, it may be Gisborne who finds himself heading to the stake.


  • Robin Hood
  • Guy of Gisborne
  • Tuck
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Much
  • Little John
  • Allan-a-Dale
  • Kate
  • Marian

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