Tom A Dale
Biographical information


Ethnic group


Eye colour


Hair colour



Allan A Dale (Brother) †

Weapon(s) owned
  • Sword
Behind the scenes
First appearance

Brothers in Arms

Last appearance

Brothers in Arms


Hanged by Vaisey of Nottingham's Guards


Daniel Abelson

Tom A Dale was Allan A Dale 's brother, a liar and a thief. He was found by Robin of Locksley and the gang while in Sherwood Forest. After joining the gang at their camp, he and his friends prove to be a menace, stealing many of the gang's possessions. After Allan promises to Robin that he will keep Tom in line, Tom steals Robin's tags, the sign of membership in his gang, and the horses and leaves the camp. Tom and his friends then try to rob Lucky George, claiming to be Robin Hood's men, but a squad of nearby guards capture them. Robin promises Allan that he will rescue Tom and his friends, and a plan is devised. The next day, when the execution is set, the gang take their places. Unfortunately, the Sheriff reveals that he hanged them an hour early and uncovers their corpses hanging from the castle walls.

In Sisterhood, Allan lies about being Tom to Gisborne.

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