aka Chloë Sibley

  • I live in Great Britain
  • I was born on January 25
  • I am Female
  • Sibasaurus

    Episode 1: The gang bury Robin's body and accept Archer as their new leader

    Episode 2: Tuck leaves to do more traveling

    Episode 3: Much realises Tuck is heading to trouble and leaves to warn him

    Episode 4: Prince John comes back and Archer tries to make him compromise to not kill King Richard

    Episode 5: Prince John escapes, and Blamire (who survived the castle explosion) finds Archer and the gang and ultimately kills Kate.

    Episode 6: Tuck and Much return, as does King Richard. Much and Little John tell him everything.

    Episode 7: Prince John brings an army to kill the 4 remaining outlaws, and Richard tries to settle it by having a personal fight between the King and Prince themselves

    Episode 8: Prince John makes Blamire the new Sheriff and has him…

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